Ever heard about leaky gut syndrome?

The colon is usually considered as the waste processor of animal and human bodies. Waste risks building up inside it if someone is suffering from constipation. An unhealthy diet and the lack of regular exercise can lead to colon issues, one of which might just as well be cancer. Keeping your colon happy and healthy should be an endeavor of anyone nowadays, when heavily processed foods are on the rise.

The scariest things about constipation is that the fecal matters that are evacuated in a proper amount of time can lead to the accumulation of toxins. These substances can penetrate the intestinal mucous membrane and spread out in the abdominal cavity, therefore posing a health risk to the other organs. All of this phenomenon has been named leaky gut syndrome. Believe it or not, many individuals out there might be suffering from it and not be aware of the illness yet.

Risks of an unhealthy colon

Easy Internal CleansingWater enemas are amazing in the beginning, particularly if you are unsure of the method you should use to cleanse your colon. Unfortunately, you have to purchase several items in order to perform the technique as accurately and safely as possible. Some might even get scared and try to avoid it, but the detail to keep in mind is that it is very effective.

Cleaning your intestines helps you avoid a lot of health risks, ranging from yeast growth to an unbalanced pH.

The basics of cleansing your colon

One of the first methods of unclogging a colon implies an enema, where a plastic tube is inserted inside the rectum and water is pushed into the intestines. Completing this procedure can take several hours, until the one performing it realizes that they have no waste left to eliminate.

If you’re resilient to the idea of an enema, you might be interested in using several natural substances and supplements to promote your colonic motility.

Easy Internal CleansingIt is worth mentioning that you should make small yet efficient changes on your diet. Get rid of meat and animal products in the beginning and focus on consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables. Since the lack of dietary fiber is a core cause of constipation, we recommend you to eat as many whole grains, flaxseed and psyllium husk as possible. Several herbal laxatives can lead to dependency, so as is the case with any other medication, this one should be used judiciously. Often times, it’s better to choose a combination of herbs instead of a single variety.

Yet another method of achieving the right results is using a colon cleansing kit. A kit is composed of many ingredients, and a vast array of these products is now available on the market. The safest way of choosing the one that you require is to carefully read the ingredients. Ask around whether someone else has been using the same kit and whether they have seen any beneficial effects. Check for the kit guarantee and perform a research on the manufacturing brand.

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