No diet does wonders, particularly if you’re looking for fast results. Adding too much or too little from something to your diet can do damage to your gastrointestinal tract. It goes without saying that foods that are rich in fiber are beneficial when it comes to eliminating constipation and promoting the health of the intestines, your colon included. However, a rapid transit can lead to the damage of your own intestinal bacteria that is not pathogenic and whose absence can make you prone to infections and inflammations.

Is colon cleansing a myth?

Colon Cleanse DietExcessively focusing on colon cleansing is not the right way to go about things. Sometimes, the colon knows exactly what it is doing, as it is packed with bacterial that is capable of metabolizing waste. However, it is true that the less time waste spends in one’s intestine, the fewer the chances of that person of getting fat or having acne. Eliminating toxins is important, but don’t overly do it. The neat thing about a colon cleansing diet is that most of the foods you’ll be consuming are rich in minerals and vitamins. Therefore, this diet is like taking supplements every day with the exception that it is completely natural and risk-free.

Fiber all the way

Fiber is key when it comes to cleansing your colon. Grocery stores often have foods that contain a lot of fiber, two of which are extremely common and cost-effective: wheat bran and kidney beans. Wheat bran contains 11.3 grams of fiber for every half a cup you consume, whereas kidney beans have 5.9 grams for every half a cup. Whole wheat pasta, some greens, and flaxseed are three other amazing fiber sources.

There’s no rule to the fiber game, but try to eat at least 14 grams of it per day, as this seems to be the right amount for a 1000-calorie diet.


Colon Cleanse DietProbiotics are a tremendous help for people suffering from constipation. Probiotics are actually a nice set of healthy bacteria that can be found in fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut as well as kimchi. For some people, nibbling on kimchi might prove to be a tad difficult what with its flavor and smell, but yogurt and sauerkraut are better tolerated. Any type of product containing a healthy culture of probiotics is beneficial for your intestines. Plus, they’re recommended by doctors during treatment with antibiotics.

Thirst quenchers

If you’ve always experienced constipation, you may simply not drink enough water. In fact, few people drink more than eight glasses of water in a day. Coffee doesn’t count, as its dehydrating effects are well-know. Tea and plain water are the best if you want to be hydrated, maintain a healthy skin and go to the bathroom regularly. Furthermore, urine is packed with toxins that need to be eliminated from the body. If you find it difficult to drink more than 8 glasses of water per day, it might be a good idea to try with some lemonade or add some lime slices to ice water.

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