Detoxification is the practice of ridding the body of toxins or transforming and neutralizing them in a way that eliminates the body of the extra congestion and mucus inside of the body. The toxins such as these that form inside of the body are caused by poor eating habits, the use of drugs, and exposure to the environment, both mild and severe. Cholesterol and other free radicals can cause toxins to be more severe and cause poor liver and colon function.

Detoxification and cleansing consists of major diet changes as well as adding probiotics to your daily regimen.

Cleansing the Colon

The Truth about DetoxificationMost people are not aware of how important bowel movements are. It is something people just do but don’t think about. If you are not having one solid bowel movement every single day then you are putting yourself at risk for certain diseases. With all of the bad foods such as sugars, flours, and foods filled with antibiotics, the body can only handle so much bad stuff.

Serious diseases can be caused if the bowel is not cleansed on a daily basis. Many people suffer from constipation and do not realize what type of impact it has on the body. The more blocked your bowels become the more likely you are to develop cancer of the colon and other areas of the bowel.

Where to Start

When it comes to cleansing the colon you must be willing to make major diet changes and stick with them. You will need to eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits that help to free your body of mucus. This is the most natural and common way to cleanse the bowels.

Many times, in order to fully cleanse the colon, you need to add a supplement which contain certain herbs that can kill worms and parasites in the digestive system. Combining a supplement of this type with a healthy raw diet and you should be on your way to a clean and healthy colon.

Intestinal Cleansing

The Truth about DetoxificationIf you are regularly constipated or suffer with bouts of diarrhea this is a sign that you have toxins inside of your intestinal tract. You are putting yourself at greater risk for issues with the immune system as well as cancer.

If you plan on cleansing your intestines you should start with:

  • An enema made with salt water
  • Raw vegetables and fruits/water fasting regimen
  • Probiotics
  • Flax seeds

Cleansing the Kidneys

After the intestines are cleansed you must then cleanse your kidneys. If you want to start a cleanse of the kidneys you must change your diet and drink lots of water. Fasting with juice is also a great way to rid your kidneys of harmful toxins that can lead to kidney disease.

The best way to make sure your body is toxin free is to make major changes to your diet and exercise regimen. If you are not having regular bowel movements you need to see your doctor to discuss your possible options.

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