Colon cleansing is helpful when it comes to eliminating waste from the gastrointestinal tract. It’s one of the widely used methods to get rid of constipation and promote healthy bacteria from growing back in the intestines. Medicinal enemas can be performed with a wide array of substances, and one of these is baking soda, as it is 100% safe to use as an antacid and for multiple health purposes.

Normally, colon cleansing is utilized for preparing the intestines for a medical procedure. In this case, a substance is used for detoxing the tract. However, this method has seen a wide degree of popularity in recent years, as several studies have indicated that it is capable of removing toxins that would otherwise build up inside the colon.

What’s the deal with baking soda?

Does Baking Soda Work for Colon Cleanse?Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda is an ordinary yet perfectly good antacid. Its abilities include absorbing liquids from the human stomach. Some people use it to get rid of heartburn, that may or may not occur after copious meals such as the one from a Thanksgiving dinner.

In addition, sodium bicarbonate has a tremendous effect on neutralizing odors.

How baking soda and colon cleansing are connected

Various studies on the way this substance is capable of cleansing the colon have been performed over time. For example, research from the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology in 2009 suggests that it can have beneficial effects on patients suffering from kidney disease. This study was performed on 134 individuals, split up into two groups. One group received baking soda, while the other did not. The comparison showed that the people who had received sodium bicarbonate did not require dialysis as much as they would normally do, particularly in the case of end-stage kidney disease.

Other options

Does Baking Soda Work for Colon Cleanse?If the idea of an enema doesn’t look like an appealing alternative to you, you might be interested in considering some other methods. Let’s not forget that one of the main reasons for constipation is the lack of fibers from one’s diet. There are several foods that are rich in fiber and that can be used to prevent constipation, but all of them have to be consumed raw. Some of these are affordable yet entirely effective. They include fruit such as pears, oleaginous foods such as nuts and seeds, as well as greens such as broccoli and cauliflower. Cabbage is yet another food rich in fiber and the neat thing about it is that it is packed with Vitamin C. Exercising regularly is another way of promoting intestinal health, as it leads to more bowel contractions

Final suggestions

Baking soda shouldn’t be used for cleansing one’s colon if the patient is undergoing treatment for anxiety and diabetes. Furthermore, the substance has been proven to interact with tetracycline and aspirin. If you have any doubts about using sodium bicarbonate, have a talk with your physician and find out more about your health. Self-medication can be dangerous, unless you are absolutely sure it cannot harm you.

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