What is Colonax?

The following review is an in-depth look at a product called Colonax. This product is an all-natural way to cleanse the colon for immediate relief while also promoting regularity and benefiting long-term colon health. The manufacturers state that Colonax will nourish the colon, help with the digestive process, and also aid in flushing out unwanted waste and toxins.


Colonax contains the following ingredients:

  • Psyllium Husk (Plantago ovato) – a natural bulking fiber that works to cleanse waste and toxins from the body.
  • Papaya Leaf (Carica Papaya) –  contains papain to help breakdown proteins and boost a healthy digestive system.
  • Flax Seed (Linum usitatissimum powder) – nourishes & moistens cell membranes, reduces inflammation, boosts metabolism & energy.
  • Oat (Avena sativa bran) – high in soluble fiber, packed with vitamins & antioxidants to effectively cleanse the colon & reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Bentonite Clay – contains natural detoxification properties to naturally draw out toxins.
  • Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) – contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties for optimizing intestinal health.
  • Black Walnut Leaves (Juglans nigra) – contains antibiotic, anti-fungal & astringent properties for optimal intestinal health.
  • Prune (Prunus domestica) – rich in a substance known as dihydrophenylisatin, a laxative that aids muscle contractions.
  • Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadenisis) – contains aloin, a gentle natural laxative for the ultimate colon cleanse.
  • L-Acidophilus – a beneficial probiotic that helps prevent infections in the digestive tract caused by harmful microbes.
  • Apple Pectin – a good source of fiber to maintain healthy bowel movements to effectively eliminate waste and toxins.
  • Gluccomannan – a natural water-soluble fiber that helps eliminate waste and toxins from the body


The manufacturer of Colonax recommends, for first time use, to take two capsules three times a day with a meal (morning, midday and afternoon). For daily maintenance, they recommend taking two per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is recommended not to take this product in the evening prior to going to bed (for obvious reasons).


Colonax is available in four different package deals. In short, the more bottles you purchase, the lower the price per bottle. For example, one bottle will cost you $49.95, whereas purchasing the 6 bottle option, would cost you $139.80, making it $23.30 per bottle, saving consumers over $219. The two mid-range packages are priced at $69.90 for two bottles and $128.00 for four bottles, both of these options save consumers a lot of money. Again, if you wish to get the best value for your money, it is ideal to purchase the largest bundle since you will be saving over 60 percent from the original selling price.

Possible Side Effects

As with any supplement or new medication, you should first talk with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, are currently taking another form of medication, or already have some sort of medical condition. As the ingredients are all natural and the product is third-party tested, FDA approved and cGMP compliant, side effects are unlikely. However, if you have any adverse reactions to Colonax, immediately stop use and consult your doctor. Most importantly, do not exceed the recommended dose, this can be dangerous.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Colonax comes with an excellent 60-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the results of this product, you can get a full refund (however, note that the shipping is not included). This manufacturer requests that you will need to send back all your bottles, both used and unused, to them within 60-days of purchase. Once the manufacturer receives the items back,  you will receive your refund without any hassle or any questions asked. This type of guarantee demonstrates that this manufacturer has a great deal of confidence in their product and how it will work.

We also found many positive customer reviews also. Many were very satisfied with Colonax and how effective and most importantly, how gentle it was. Consumer feedback is an important indication of whether this product is worth trying. All the signs for Colnax show that it is.

The Bottom Line

Colonax is a pure and all-natural effective way to detox the body of unwanted toxins and gently cleanse the colon. Not only will it help to provide immediate relief and benefit by eliminating harmful toxins and bacteria quickly and gently, it is formulated to also help promote regular bowel movement as well as nourish the colon for long term optimal colon health. What we particularly liked about Colonax was the fact that it can be taken long term without any of the nasty side effects that other colon cleansing products can bring. The ingredients are pure, optimal strength and all natural. They are backed by third party testing and are manufactured in an FDA registered facility in the USA. Furthermore, they offer a great guarantee, demonstrating that they hold strong confidence in their product. All in all, we felt that this manufacturer formulated this product in a way that they totally understand the needs of the consumers even offering a great range of purchase options to suit all needs.