What is 21st Century Health Supplements Colon Clenz?

This is a review for 21st Century Health Supplements Colon Clenz. Colon Clenz comes in 60 capsules per bottle. The capsules are made from pure Psyllium seeds. Colon Clenz aims to aid in constipation relief by providing lubrication for the intestines. This product is not to be used as a laxative but is a way to clean out your system.


Colon Clenz is made from 100% pure Psyllium seeds. Psyllium seeds are traditionally used to treat constipation. The seeds react with water, which lubricates the walls of the intestines. This lubrication allows for smooth bowel movements. For this specific product, we are unable to view the full ingredient list. The 21st Century Health Supplement website claims Colon Clenz is made from 100% Psyllium seeds, but after extensive research, it is difficult to verify that claim without the product in hand and it is not mentioned what other ingredients have gone into making this product.


It is recommended to take 1-2 capsules at night. Colon Clenz works during the night so that your bowels should be moving clearly the next morning after the capsules are digested. The capsules can also be broken open so customers can shake the powder into liquid or over food. Doing so will not alter the taste of the liquid or the food.


21st Century Health Supplements is a Malaysian company. When converted to U.S. dollars, the price of Colon Clenz is $9.75. After extensive research, we concluded that the product can only be purchased through the 21st Century Health Supplements website. The company uses PayPal as a payment platform option. While Amazon sells other 21st Century Health Supplements, Colon Clenz is not yet on Amazon.

Possible Side Effects

With further research, we found that taking products made with Psyllium seed can cause choking. Choking occurs when capsules containing Psyllium seeds are taken without enough fluids. It is recommended to stay hydrated while taking any supplement that contains Psyllium seed.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

21st Century Products offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. One product per order is permitted to be opened and returned for a refund. Any other products within the same order must be sealed in order to receive the refund. In order to return a product, the customer has to contact  21st Century’s customer service team to obtain a Return Authorization Number to start the return process. There aren’t any customer reviews on the site to determine the effectiveness of this product.

The Bottom Line

Just based on the claims from the 21st Century product website, Colon Clenz is a natural and safe way to clear out the intestinal pathways. It also claims to be suitable for children, the elderly and pregnant women. A downside to Colon Clenz is the lack of access to the actual ingredient list. It is also concerning that while there is space to write a review for Colon Clenz, there aren’t any to get an accurate understanding of the effectiveness and potential side effects of this product.  On the site, 21st Century did not list any side effects or any further instructions if constipation continues. Before deciding to purchase Colon Clenz, doing more research and seeking alternative, similar products is smart consumer behavior.

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