Cleansing your colon doesn’t have to be a scary experience. All throughout performing the technique, what you need to think about is that it is amazingly beneficial to your health. There are several natural remedies that one can use in order to improve the impact of a colon cleanse, and some of them can be very effective.

Several items that do wonders for colon detoxification

Note: Don’t use these methods for more than 30 days at a time. Avoid making harsh combinations. If you’re unsure of the results, have a talk with a physician and ask him or her whether the following components can hurt your health or not.

Water, water, and more water

Natural Colon Cleansing Made EasyOur bodies are made of 60% water. What does that tell you? Most likely, you’re aware of the fact that you should renew it as often as possible.

Drinking more than eight glasses of water per day can help your body to eliminate toxins. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to take your circulatory and lymphatic systems to a whole new level.

Other substances utilized for detoxifying a colon


This is a plant of which both the stems and the leaves can be used. It is a great source of chlorophyll and silicon, and its core ability is bulking up the stool. Just beware, it creates gas, so you might want to consume it when you’re at home.

Apple Cider VinegarNatural Colon Cleansing Made Easy

Apple Cider Vinegar acidifies the body system, making it less prone to bacterial infections. It is common knowledge that bacteria thrive in alkaline environments. This substance allows the body to absorb electrolytes, so it’s a tremendous help when it comes to proper hydration.

Apple Juice

This is a natural laxative that contains potassium.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has been used for a lot of time against colon issues and is one of the most popular cleansers on the market today. It eliminates the toxins in the intestines along with the stool.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and it mainly works as a colon lubricant. Aside from its laxative effect, it is very rich in vitamin A and D, which is why it’s highly recommended for people who have skin issues and calcium deficiency.


Dulse has the natural ability to improve one’s circulatory system. It impacts the thyroid gland in a positive fashion. Its most common commercial form is the Dulse tablet.

FlaxseedNatural Colon Cleansing Made Easy

Flaxseed is great when it comes to getting rid of constipation. It’s a soothing emollient that’s rich in Omega-3 and fiber.


This is one of the most common anti-parasitic plants that can be found virtually anywhere on the planet. It’s antimicrobial and has an outstanding influence on the immune system.

Psyllium seed

The neat thing about psyllium is that it works both for people who are suffering from constipation and for people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The substance is an excellent cleanser.

Whole Beet Juice Concentrate

This is yet another reliable laxative and cleanser.

Just remember, one of the crucial rules to keeping a healthy colon is drinking enough water.

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