Several factors can lead to having an impacted colon. These may include anything from not eating enough fiber-rich foods to not drinking enough water throughout the day. Stress, allergies, and a sluggish colon are three other considerations to take into account. One of the first things to do, in this case, is to eliminate the waste that has been building up inside the colon. Performing small, effective changes on your diet is the right way to go about things. Just remember, these lifestyle and eating habits have to be maintained forever, as they will allow you never to suffer from an impacted colon again.

Find out if you have an impacted colon

The absence of bowel movements can trigger irregular stools. Try to estimate just how often you tend to go to the bathroom and whether or not you have to put a lot of effort into eliminating waste. Bowel movements may lack for anything from several days to a couple weeks. Bad breath and acne are two other symptoms you might want to consider.

A cleansing diet

Impacted Colon? Here's How to Cleanse It NaturallyA diet composed of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains never hurt anyone, and it will most likely not affect you in a negative manner. For a while, try to avoid consuming milk, butter, and other animal products. Refined sugars and flours can be found in a large variety of heavily processed foods, and you have to stay as far away from them as possible.

Aside from greens and fruit, try adding some nuts and seeds to your daily diet. Drink as much as nine to ten glasses of water per day.

Water enemas

Speeding up the entire process can be performed with the help of a water enema. Don’t use any medicinal or saline solutions, at least not in the beginning. Flush your colon with some warm water and once you feel like you’ve gotten rid of the waste, shift to cold water. This practice will allow your intestines to regain their motility. During the first week, you may need to perform multiple enemas.

Herbal supplements

Impacted Colon? Here's How to Cleanse It NaturallyCascara-based supplements are natural laxatives of which the side effects have not been documented. These capsules are safe to use. All you need to do is follow the instructions. Aggressive laxatives can unfortunately lead to dependency, so try to stick to natural products. If you find it difficult to integrate whole grains and other fiber-rich nutrients in your diet, try using some fiber supplements. Psyllium has been found to have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, as it both stimulates the movements of the colon and is a great help for avoiding bowel blockages.


Walking is one of the healthiest types of exercise you can perform. Actually, the USDA recommends that all people walk for 30 minutes per day. Biking and jogging are two other useful methods you can utilize in order to improve your digestion and stimulate your intestines. Furthermore, exercise has been proven to increase the amount of boosting serotonin levels, which can leave you feeling happier, and full of energy.

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