Although constipation affect everyone some of the time, the very young and the elderly suffer much more often. As sympathetic care-takers we encounter this issue regularly and  we need to be educated and prepared to help tackle the issue. Here some information that will help arm you against constipation.

Don’t Overreact

Constipation Colon CleanseIt is a common misconception among people that if you have an irregular bowel movement, you must be having a constipation problem, but this is not always the case. So before you start to worry, start to observe.  There’s a few symptoms that must be present before arriving to a conclusion.

There are different reasons why a person could be skipping a bowel movement on occasion. Maybe they didn’t eat enough or they ate too much or their digestive tract is not performing well enough to process the food because of age or diet.

Each of us have bowel movements regularly but each of us have a different rhythm.  Not needing to have bowel movements for two days may be normal for one person and completely unhealthy for the next. Because of this, it is essential not to conclude things based on your own ‘bowel schedule’ and instead look out for important warning signs.

Hard Stools

The first indication that you are getting constipated or are already, is stool consistency.   If stool comes out smoothly, most likely, there is no problem with your bowel movements.  If it is hard stool and you are having a hard time getting it out, this is a potential symptom of constipation.

Pain and Discomfort

Constipation Colon CleansePeople with constipation experience different kinds of discomforts as they have such problem. Some tend to feel that they look and feel ‘full’, as if their stomach can’t hold any more of anything.  Others feel abdominal pain as they try to get their hard stool out of their system.

Treating Constipation

There are a number of ways to naturally and effectively treat constipation once you are certain that you are constipated.

Avoid Laxatives

Laxatives, a medicine that may be helpful for constipation relief, has been proven immediately  effective but is not the best tool in solving the problem.  Laxatives use the water inside you to soften your stool. This is useful in getting your stool out now but consistent usage is not safe for your body and may also cause dehydration.

Colon Cleanse

Constipation Colon CleanseA very effective treatment for your constipation and in order to really cleanse your excretory and digestive systems is through colon cleansing.  The best type of colon cleanse is an oral option. This is the best avenue for cleansing because such procedure fully cleanses the toxins inside both the digestive tract and the colon.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Lastly but certainly most importantly, after ridding yourself of constipation and cleaning your colon, exercise and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.  Include foods rich in fiber, [whole grains and many fruit] so that stool will remain soft and you will be free from having constipation!

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